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WHY Wheels Alignment?

To keep your engine running newer, longer, you need to keep up with your vehicle’s most frequently needed maintenance — a Wheels Mounting and Balancing.

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Wheels / Tires: Mounting and balancing

Union’s Lube Shop is expert to vehicle wheels mounting and balancing..

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Mounting tires and wheels, you should always follow several guidelines. First, mounting and balancing should only be performed by a trained professional using specialized equipment. Second, both tire beads need to be properly seated and securely mounted on the wheel. The wheel must not be damaged or bent. When mounting the wheel to the hub of the axle, the hub should be free of dirt or debris that might cause the wheel to be seated unevenly on the hub. The wheel should be evenly seated with all the lug nuts properly torqued onto the bolts.

Balancing the tires and wheels is the procedure of analyzing the tires and wheels to see if there are any heavy spots that would cause them to vibrate when spinning. Technically speaking, the center of gravity is defined as the point around which the entire mass is evenly distributed. The wheel is said to be in balance when the center of gravity is identical to the axis of rotation. In non-technical terms, it simply means that when the tire and wheel are mounted to the hub of the axle, all the mass is evenly distributed around the axle so that there is no vibration when the tire spins. 

To balance the tires and wheels, the technician uses a special machine. One at a time, the tire and wheel assemblies are placed on the machine and run through a series of spinning diagnostics. The machine will identify where the tire and wheel assembly is out of balance. The technician can correct any imbalances by applying small weights to the rim at specific locations in order to even out the weight distribution.

Remember, tires are under pressure when inflated. Serious injury or death could result if the tire and/or rim assembly should explode due to improper mounting. Only specially trained technicians should mount tires on rims/wheels and the tires must be the correct diameter and dimensions for the wheels.

Union’s Lube Shop staff is expert for wheels mounting and balancing, on all types of vehicles. Don’t attempt to repair or rebuild these items yourself. Contact your wheels mounting and balancing specialists at (908) 686-6697. Bring your vehicle in for a free estimate and computer check.

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