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WHY Engine Flush?

To keep your engine running newer, longer, you need to keep up with your vehicle’s most frequently needed repair — a Engine Flush.

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Engine Flush :

Union’s Lube Shop is expert in Engine Flush.

Price : $69.95

There are many different brands of engine flush machines and engine flush chemical suppliers. Some function in different ways but the basic idea is to get rid of all the old engine oil and clean engine components and orifices.

Engine flush could help keep your new oil clean. That's why these services are often performed together: First the flush to get rid of old oil deposits, then the new oil to keep the engine in tip-top shape.

Without the engine flush, the new oil will just pick up the old deposits and sludge and keep them circulating through the engine. Soon enough, the new oil is just as dirty as the old oil. An engine flush can help you go longer between oil changes, especially if the maintenance on the car hasn't been perfect.

In very old cars, however, the engine flush might clean these piston rings, valves, and other parts a little too well. Sometimes, the gunk acts as spackle in non-metallic parts like rubber seals that have cracked with age. Cleaning out the gunk exposes those cracks, and the weakness of those parts becomes apparent.

Cars with a long interval between oil changes. Again, you know the service record of this car, and you know the owner rarely (if ever) changed the oil. There's almost certainly buildup in the engine, since dirty oil only gets dirtier. An engine flush could give the car a longer life.

Union Lube Shop staff is expert in Engine Flush, on all types of vehicles. Don’t attempt to repair or rebuild these items yourself. Contact your Engine Flush Specialists at (908) 686-6697. Bring your vehicle in for a free estimate and computer check.

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