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WHY Brake Fluid Flush?

To keep your engine running newer, longer, you need to keep up with your vehicle’s most frequently needed to flush— a Brake Fluid.

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Brake Fluid Flush:

Union’s Lube Shop is expert in Brake Fluid Flush.

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Brake fluid replacement is a simple, inexpensive procedure that has been proven to prevent expensive brake system repairs. A brake fluid flush helps maintain the brake hydraulic system by removing harmful contaminants. With the complexity of brake systems on modern vehicles brake fluid replacement is a very cost effective way to maintain brake system safety and decrease long term auto repair costs.

Brake fluid is alcohol based and absorbs moisture from the air. The brake system is vented to the atmosphere and constantly absorbs moisture with the passage of time. This is an unpreventable process. Severity of this problem increases with the humidity of the air.

The only solution is to flush and renew the brake fluid on a regular basis. Brake fluid replacement is strictly a time based maintenance. The amount you use your vehicle has no effect on the life of brake fluid. It is recommended that brake fluid be flushed and replaced every three years regardless of distance your vehicle driven.

Contaminated brake fluid creates three major problems which all dramatically decrease brake performance and safety.

  • Can't Stand the Heat , Moisture contamination lowers the fluid's boiling point which reduces the brake fluid's ability to withstand heat. Under severe demands, such as an emergency stop or braking on steep hills, the intense heat created by braking can cause the fluid to boil resulting total brake failure.
  • Corrosion , Moisture is heavier than brake fluid so it collects in the low points of the hydraulic system. This causes corrosion and sludge formation resulting in component damage and possible brake failure. The rust and corrosion of metal parts cause seal failures which lead to brake fluid leakage, contamination of brake friction material and in extreme cases total loss of braking. Flushing brake fluid also greatly decreases brake repair costs by preventing component damage.
  • Sludge , Anti-lock brake systems (ABS) on today's newer vehicles require clean fluid to operate properly. Brake hydraulic system sludge plugs small passages causing complex parts to fail rendering the system inoperable. Most anti-lock components are not repairable and can cost thousands of dollars to replace.

Union’s Lube Shop staff is expert in brake fluid flush, on all types of vehicles. Don’t attempt to repair or rebuild these items yourself. Contact your brake fluid Specialists at (908) 686-6697. Bring your vehicle in for a free estimate and computer check.

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