Brake Fluid Flush


Brake Fluid Flush Union New Jersey

In a brake fluid flush, you remove all the old brake fluid in your car and replace it with clean fluid. There are many benefits to performing a brake fluid flush, including keeping your brakes working smoothly and ensuring that your brakes have full stopping power when it is needed.

We suggest flushing your brake fluid once a year, but it's also a good idea to bleed your fluid every 6 months if you do a lot of hard breaking. Hard breaking on the brake rotors accumulates a lot of heat in the brake system and "boils" the fluid creating air bubbles. Bleeding your brake system helps get rid of those air bubbles in the system.

For both bleeding and flushing your brakes, it's recommended to have fresh brake fluid readily available. If the fluid in the reservoir runs low while bleeding/flushing, it will induce air into the system making rendering the entire process useless.

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